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How can I be sure that the money I send is managed correctly?

Miracle children’s home is committed to highest levels of ethical management, child-centricity and transparency. It has systematic financial audits each year of all its expenditure by certified chartered accountants and regular updates ensure high level of accountability to its donors. Any doner is free to visit our orphanage and see the impact of how the donation is making a change in the life of children.

Will my small contribution make a difference to this overwhelming problem?

Miracle Children’s home is essentially running on individual donors’s support which accounts for over 85% of total receipts. Whatever you do to support will make a difference to a child's life and our gratitude in turn, to your own.

Does Miracle Children’s home receive government or foreign funding ?

Miracle manna does not receive any government funding or foreign grants. This makes us work independently, work faster and more effectively .

What does Miracle Children’s home do?

Miracle manna children’s home embraces abandoned kids, meeting all their needs of nourishment, care, values and education to the fullest level required to transform a child into a productive adult, taking care of oneself and contributing to society.

Is Miracle Children’s home a registered organisation?

The home is run by a Trust registered under Indian Income tax Act, with Its donations are exempted under section 80 (G) and it files audited IT return.

How does Miracle Children’s home raise funds?

The three main sources of funds are philanthropic citizen group, private organisation and general public. Citizen group and Public contribution helps us in meeting day to day needs, while corporate support from a private organisation helps in meeting education expense partially. We are currently in deficit over our planned expenditure which we try to raise from public.

How are resources used?

Yearly plan for Nourishment & Care , Education and Utility & Support is made, including new programs and initiatives that are beneficial for children are identified. Funds are raised to meet this expense. This we believe creates transparency and good management. When we have a deficit in resources compared to needs, then we make requests for more contribution. Our cost consciousness is predicated on the belief that each rupee we save on costs is another rupee that can be deployed to the benefit children.