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Our Story

About Miracle Manna Children’s Home

Miracle Manna Children's Home is a loving home of 23 children - orphaned by their natural parents at different ages- and embraced by the large arms and hearts of Shivaji and Prema, this couple began their unplanned journey desiring to welcome one child into their family through adoption, but the need of home for children who are orphaned by poor parents, some neglected and oppressed, grew systematically over past 10 years till the strength of today, thanks to the couples quiet resolve not to say no to a child in distress.

Despite their own economic background being modest, Shivaji had to leave his job as a driver, and Prema as a BPO staffer, to raise children and do all the physical work required to run the home, committed to providing the kids with good education and love. They go down to the bare minimum quite often and live with faith and dignity.

Recalling the journey say Sivaji and Prema : “The home that we started in 2010 was our dream ! We wanted to change the incomplete life of abandoned/orphaned kids into a complete life so they can have a bright future. All the children who came to us were from poor background with single or no parents, and relatives not keen to take care of them.Many were in bad condition – unhygienic, having infection and not getting proper food. We give them good care, love and affection to change each child personally. To change a child’s trauma of neglect takes a year of continuous care. We are striving hard to make each and every child should imbibe good values and a good education, to bring out their character as a good citizen”.

Sivaji and Prema now work full time at the Orphanage along with their own daughter who literally is the big sister helping kids with studies. A support group in the neighbourhood of around of about 20 people is helping them with resource mobilisation, administration, in bridging academic deficit in children and sustainability.