About Miraclemanna

About Miraclemanna

Shivaji Lazarus

Usually, our children are from poor families, without parents,​one side parents and disable families we have taken the responsibility of Educating them as per our capabilities.

These initiatives and interests paved them a way to follow the journey of their dreams.

They continued to serve recklessly by indulging in following activities:

Identifying child labours to impart knowledge through regular tuition classes.
we identifying the disable children’s or disable family to impart education care.
Conducting awareness camps and life skill programs in government schools.
Striving to bring out the little talents through annual sports and cultural activities.
Counseling families to resolve their personal issues and to make them aware of the importance of relationships.
​​ Comfort Home for the Little Angels
Security for girl’s life in slum areas has become challenge.
This has assisted us to understand and analyse the obstacles faced by them in the society.